Admission Information


Tours for the 2022-2023 admissions season will begin in late September. 

Applications and assessments for the 2022-2023 school year will open in November.

Welcome To Fulton Science Academy Private School

We are delighted that you are interested in applying to the Fulton Science Academy. As you become familiar with the school, you will find FSA to be an exciting, challenging, and supportive academic environment. We hope that you will learn a great deal about the school from this site, and we look forward to seeing you at our school. 

Our admission process is designed to give you and your student an opportunity to learn about FSA.  We invite you to visit our campus, take a tour of the School, and see for yourself what makes FSA one of the best schools in the North Metro Atlanta area. 

If you have any questions about admissions that you would like to ask before beginning the admissions process,

please contact our admissions director.

Application Steps


Complete the Inquiry Form


Complete the Admissions Checklist

You will receive login credentials from our Admissions Director for our admissions website. After you have logged in, complete the admissions checklist that will be provided to you. 


Review Your Submission

Using the admissions checklist you can track your child’s progress through the admissions process, including self scheduling tours, assessment dates, uploading report cards and other documents, and requesting teacher recommendations.    

Admission Criteria

Fulton Science Academy Private School is deeply committed to providing a rigorous STEAM (Science Technology Engineering, Arts, and Math) program.  We foster creativity, innovation, and diversity.  Our goal is to create well informed global citizens.  In making our admissions decisions, the most important factors considered are:   

  • Student grades
  • Previous class placement
  • Student standardized test and nationally norm test results
  • Student’s FSAPS assessment results
  • Student/Parent Interview / Teacher Recommendation Form

Students attending FSA Private School typically have these characteristics:

  • A cumulative overall GPA of 90 or higher (advanced placement is taken into consideration)
  • In the subjects of Math & Science an average of 90 or higher (advanced placement is taken into consideration
  • Students who originally attended a Georgia public school system achieved an exceeding state standardized test score in most subjects, especially Math & Science
  • Nationally normed test (ITBS, Stanford 9, MAP) score of 85 or higher in Math and Reading

Nondiscrimination Policy

Fulton Science Academy Private School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color or national origin in the administration of its educational policies, athletics, or other school-administered programs.

Note: Reasonable accommodations can be made for students provided parents take financial responsibility for additional services and the accommodations made do not interfere with classroom instruction and/or require additional staffing. (For example speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc.)




FSA school tours take about an hour.

If you have students in both elementary and middle school, please sign up for an elementary school tour.

If you have students in both middle and high school, please sign up for middle school tour.

Virtual School Tour Times

Tours for the 2022-2023 admissions season will begin in September, 2021.
Day Grades Time
Tuesdays Elementary School (PreK – 5th Grade) 9am OR 12pm
Thursday Middle School (6th Grade – 8th Grade)  9am OR 12pm
Thursday High School (9th Grade – 12th Grade) 9am OR 12pm

Fulton Science Academy Private School
3035 Fanfare Way
Alpharetta GA, 30009

Phone : 678-366-2555
Email :

Tuition Information

Application Fee Enrollment Fee Facility Fee Activity Fee
$100 (New Students Only) $300 (New Students Only) $800 (New Students Only) $100
Pre-K Tuition Elementary School Tuition Middle School Tuition High School Tuition
$13,000 $14,000 $14,250 $14,750

All FSA families are required to have SMART tuition account. $50 Smart Tuition program fee added to final tuition cost at the beginning of each school year.

Tuition also covers:

  • All Textbooks
  • Elementary School iPads
  • Middle and High School Mac Book Air Laptops
  • Grade Level Local Field Trips
  • After School Clubs with the Exception of Academic Teams, Sport Clubs & Clubs Organized by Outside Vendors


Add a charge of $4,000 to the appropriate tuition. FSA is not a boarding school, and FSA does not provide host family services.


  • First Option: Returning families only: Tuition Deposit and Fees by February 5, 2022, with the balance of Tuition paid by March 5, 2023 to earn $500 discount. There will be no full payment discount after February 5th.   Newly accepted families have different payment deadlines based on their acceptance date.
  • Second Option: Returning Families: $1,000 by February 5, 2022 to reserve your spot. Remaining tuition is divided into 9 payments from May 5, 2022 to January 5, 2023.  Newly accepted families have different deposit dates based on their date of acceptance. 


A sibling discount of $500 is applied to younger child/children only if a full tuition student is enrolled in the school simultaneously. The $500 sibling discount will be applied to the last tuition payment depending on the payment plan. The $1,000 sibling discount will be applied to the tuition of third child and $1,500 sibling discount will be applied to the tuition of fourth child.


The following tuition discounts will be applied to dual enrollment students:

  • 66% Tuition discount for those students who take all of their classes through dual enrollment
  • $250 Tuition discount per credit hour in each semester for students taking some of their classes through dual enrollment


Before-school care service is available for free from 7:00 am to 7:45 am for grades Pre-k through 5 and from 7:00 am to 8:00 am for students in grades 6 through 12.


The after-school care fee will only be charged after 4:15 pm for all students (across all school levels). 

For those students who regularly use after-school care, we recommend a monthly payment plan to save money. The after-school care fee is $20 per day for the monthly payment plan. If interested in the monthly payment plan, please CLICK HERE.

If you are not interested in a monthly registration, you will be charged $30 per day as you use after-school care. $1 is added for each minute after 6:00 pm. If a student is not picked up by 7:00 pm, we will inform the local safety authorities for the safety of the student.


$40 late fee is required for late payments.


There will be $25 charge for any check returned to the school by the bank.

Any questions about tuition and fees, please contact our accounting manager, Mr. Kurt at

  • Please note that all payments should be made through your Smart Tuition Account


Parents agree that the full amount of the tuition is obligated and earned upon the enrollment of the Student and no refund is due or payable upon the withdrawal, transfer, or dismissal of the Student during the academic year.

Financial Aid Application


Fulton Science Academy Private School (FSAPS) recognizes that financing an independent school education is a major commitment for families. FSAPS works with the Apogee Scholarship Program (ASP) to provide an opportunity for students who are transferring from a Georgia public school to attend FSAPS who otherwise may not be able to attend.

The deadline to apply for financial aid is March 15th of each school year. 

Please CLICK HERE for Smart Aid Parent Instruction

Please CLICK HERE to apply for financial aid.

  • Financial Assistance from the Apogee Scholarship Program (State Tax Credit Scholarship Program) is solely based on need.
  • Students entering grades 2 – 12 must have attended a Georgia public school immediately prior to FSAPS.
  • The Financial Assistance Committee will determine the amount of the award based on the amount of available funds, the number of applicants requesting assistance, and the need demonstrated by the applicant’s family.
  • The Financial Aid Committee convenes in early April to review the requests and determine if a financial assistance award will be granted, and what amount the award may be.
  • New students must meet all admission criteria and have received an official admission notification of acceptance prior to consideration of a request for financial assistance for the upcoming school y
  • The completion of the financial assistance application is not a binding agreement that assistance is available or will be granted.
  • All financial assistance applicants must complete a FSAPS Financial Aid Application and provide tax records to verify eligibility.
  • FSAPS admission office will distribute, process, and maintain the records for all financial assistance materials. Communication between the applicant’s family and other FSAPS staff regarding financial assistance awards is prohibited.
  • In addition to the FSAPS Financial Aid Application, applicants may also provide supplemental documentation to clearly demonstrate the need for assistance.
  • ASP financial assistance awards range from $1 to a maximum award of 80% tuition assistance per year to any one student through the ASP funds. Any award amount will be applied to the tuition for the academic year it is awarded and remaining tuition due will be divided into monthly payments from May to January.
  • ASP recipients must re-apply each year and prove eligibility to receive financial assistance each year through financial aid application and tax record evaluations. ASP assistance awards are not guaranteed to be given each year, nor are the amounts guaranteed to be given.
  • If an ASP assistance recipient withdraws, the ASP funds are reallocated to the ASP fund to be distributed at the discretion of the Financial Assistance Committee to another qualified applicant. Funds are not transferable. If a withdrawal is submitted after the school year begins, the funds returned to ASP are prorated and the account balance is based on the prorated ASP award applied to the account balance.
  • FSAPS Financial Aid Application must be completed online through Smart Aid. The link to the FSA Smart Aid Application form is located below.
  • All necessary supplemental documentation indicated in FSAPS Financial Aid Application must be provided.

Please CLICK HERE to apply for financial aid.

If you have any questions about admissions that you would like to ask before beginning the admissions process, please contact our admissions director.

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