​​Welcome To ​Student Health Services

Aybree Pugliese, BSN, RN, CPN

School Nurse

Fulton Science Academy Private School
Pre-K through High School
Serving Advanced and Gifted Students
3035 Fanfare Way
Alpharetta GA 30009
Office Phone: (678) 366-2555 ext: 157
Fax: (678) 366-2333

Our FSA Staff,   Nurse & Teachers, believe that optimal learning requires good health. FSA works to ensure the health and well-being of students and staff by developing, implementing, and delivering school health services and programs.  

Programs and Services
First Aid and CPR training to all the FSA staff
Coordinate staff teaching on use of Emergency medication, such at EpiPen, Inhaler, Diabetes, Seizure, etc. 
Coordinate staff teaching of the Automated   External Defibrillator (AED) Program 
Coordination the staff teaching of Stop The Bleed 
Overseeing the Immunization audit compliance 
Promotion of wellness activities
Management and prevention of communicable diseases
Emergency care and crisis intervention
Provides direct care to medically fragile students
Student Health Services and Academic Success
There is a clear connection between school nursing interventions and student’s success in classrooms. 
School Nurses help:
Manage acute and chronic illnesses
Reduce the number of students sent home sick and   reduce unnecessary absenteeism due to health   related issues
Establishing policies and procedures for school   health issues and procedures
Identify and address health related barriers to   learning
Support nutritional, comfort and clothing needs

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