“We had been in Atlanta for three years and were discouraged with other private schools in the area because they lacked the customization that was necessary to allow our children to hit their full potential. With three children advanced in math and reading, we were told that acceleration wasn’t an option and to stop complaining. As a parent, I was angry and couldn’t understand how an institution dedicated to educating bright students wanted to hold mine back. The kids were coasting; we were spending tens of thousands of dollars per child on their education, yet I was working tirelessly every night (after my day job) to keep the children progressing by providing extra tutoring. In April of 2015, we put our house on the market to move back up to Boston where the schools are supposed to be among the best in the country.

On May 20th, 2015, everything in our world changed. I remember the day very clearly. It was totally unexpected, but my husband was googling “gifted programs” when he found the Fulton Science Academy. I jumped on this and, within 48 hours, had submitted an application and was touring the school. Two weeks later, my four children (pre-K, 1st, 4th, 6th) were all accepted and enrolled. FSA has been the dream school we had always hoped to find. It demonstrates such passion for teaching children and offers the capability to adjust the difficulty of their courses at whatever pace works best for the child.  The school has opened its arms to our family and visited our home to get to know us better as family. They believe in seeing more sides of a child than just how they appear in the school building. They provided all the support we could ask for in regards to our transition. My three older children all had an adjustment as soon as they arrived at FSAPS. They were accelerated by at least two grades in some subjects and actually had to work hard for a change. Having just completed the first quarter at FSAPS, we are pleased to say that our move has been a success and all three of our older children have worked tirelessly to earn straight As.
I couldn’t be more pleased with FSAPS and would recommend this school, hands down, to anybody looking for a program rich in Math, Science, and Engineering.  Don’t get me wrong, they have everything across the spectrum in other subjects as well, and many children attend who are not focused solely on STEAM.  I am confident that if my children do well here,  they will write their ticket to any top college in the country.” – The Leonard Family


“I am so grateful to be able to send my grandson to Fulton Science Academy Private School.  It is the perfect match for him. The classes are smaller and he gets the attention he needs while being challenged and motivated. As a family member, I have more access to his teachers and principal. Everyone there has an open door policy. Due to the smaller class sizes, there are no classroom management issues and the students are excited to learn. The principal and staff are truly concerned about our children, their students. – Marie Dean


“Coming from a Science and Management background, I’ve been very impressed with the academic standards and teaching methods present at the Fulton Science Academy Private School. Additionally, the extra-curricular academic clubs offer kids an opportunity to further advance in their fields of interest, yet in a pleasant, less structured environment. It’s amazing to see how this all comes together; the kids show a greater interest and willingness to exceed in their studies. I wish we had more educational environments like the Fulton Science Academy to prepare our future generation for what is a shrinking global economy and increasing global competition. – Somya Chaudhary


“There are many things that make FSA a great school, but one quality really stands out – the commitment of the teachers. Communication with teachers is frequent and helpful. Teachers work long hours to offer many extra-curricular opportunities. Instruction is focused and rigorous. They use technology (FSA connect) more than other schools. Their dedication and hard work makes FSA a great school. – Nico Moorman


“Our child is a 7th grader at Fulton Science Academy Private School.  This is our second year at the school and we are thrilled with the education he is receiving.  He is challenged, he works hard, and he is happy.  The atmosphere at FSAPS is calm and positive.  When describing a middle school environment, calm and positive are not usually the words one would use but FSAPS is not like other schools. The teachers are an incredible group of people and their dedication to the success of the students is amazing.  Each of our child’s teachers is aware of his strengths and weaknesses and they work hard to make the material relevant to him.  The teachers are at the school late at night and on the weekends.  How many 12 year old boys ask to go to additional classes on Sunday?  Ours did.  In fact, there are 2 full classrooms of 7th grade boys and girls getting supplemental instruction on Sunday afternoons. The teachers do all they can to ensure academic success but they are also interested in the personal successes of their students.


FSA Private School is large enough to offer a lot of opportunities and choices in academic teams and after school clubs but it is still small enough that the teachers know each student and their parents.  It is quite common for a teacher to stop you in the hallway to mention how well your child did on a test or that they forgot to turn in an assignment. Since he started at FSAPS our child has become much more responsible and he knows that he has truly earned the grades he receives.


All of these things are possible due to the excellent leadership at the school.  Mr. Sener, the principal, knows every child in the school and their family.  He handles the carpool line every morning and every afternoon.  Each child starts their day with a greeting and a smile from their principal.  He has parent breakfasts so that parents can express any concerns or ask questions in a small group.  He is never too busy to meet with a parent or answer a question.


We highly recommend Fulton Science Academy Private School to anyone who wants the best in academics as well as a safe, nurturing environment for their child.”– Michelle Glotzbach


“We are happy parents of a student studying at Fulton Science Academy (FSA) Private School in grade 7. This is the second successful year for our son in FSA campus. He is very satisfied with the way he is being taught, his academic achievements, and day-to-day activities at this school. Especially, he is much more encouraged this year given the transformation to private school and the implementation of modern methods of teaching at school for advance learning. One such modern method is the use of iPad assisted E-book learning in classroom with excellent educational softwares.

In this highly competitive world, offering a best education is the best gift a parent can offer to his or her child.   We are very pleased that our choice was FSA private school not only because of superior teachers and modern state-of-the-art facility but also it provides a calm and encouraging atmosphere for students to focus in their educational activities. FSA School has been ranked consistently high in their academic performances and also in several extra educational competitions such as Science Olympiad, Math Olympiad, Model United Nations, Technology fair etc. FSA has also been good in non-academic activities like chess game.  All these achievements demonstrate the hard work of both the respected teachers, and as well as the unrelenting students.

Our son, in spite of being a very good student, we always wonder about his level of attention at school as this is his middle school years. As everyone is aware of the middle school students are the ones who get distracted easily because of their age group. A calm studying environment at FSA School is a big plus in getting all attention from students towards their learning topic. Moreover, the hours of learning with short breaks encourages and rejuvenates student to study without any tiredness, in addition to promoting discussions or interactions among students.  FSA also organizes oral presentations by experts periodically for both students and parents about everyday life challenges. Some of the interesting titles that were useful for us were “Road to College”, “A parent’s guide to the middle school years” and many more.

We are quite impressed with the almost every day email update (Daily FSA connect Emails) of student performances or scores about their day-to-day assignments, class tests and quizzes. In addition, the update also notifies pending class work to inform parents in a nice way. This update definitely keeps us in track with all the activities and also motivates us to be attentive with his studies.

FSA School organizes weekend camp activities to offer special training and boost the confidence of individuals participating in academic competitions.   As an adult chaperone, I (father) was once involved in a chess camp activity. The leader was conducting competitions among the team members in a certain order as advised by experts. After five rounds the results were evaluated and the winner is encouraged with a gift. There were three series of games in that weekend camp and during the break time the students were encouraged to play outdoors a team sport activity. This is a truly amazing way to train students for team competitions, which also promotes friendship and sportsmanship.

We are especially thankful to Mr. Sener, The Principal of School, for taking all measures in encouraging teachers and parent relationships. Unlike public schools, direct meeting with teachers or email communications was not a difficult task. Either teacher or principal is always available for discussions related to a student’s school activity. Some events such as “Meeting with Principal at Breakfast”, “Teachers visit to home”, and several school get together events, are dedicated in initiating cordial talks between teachers and parents to explore various ways to further exceed the present teaching levels and standard of student’s education. Not to mention that the Principal and teachers always researches to exceed the level of students standards by implementing any additional ways of learning. In our meetings with Principal, we clearly noticed that his goal is to bring this school up to exceed state standard and match with one of the best schools in this nation.

We are directly observing the way FSA private school functions to grow a better citizen for our country. The hard work and persistent efforts of FSA private school team is so much visible with the state and national level academic tests and also consistent winning of several awards in various challenging competitions by FSA school students.

It is a great honor and enjoyment in sharing our experiences about FSA Private School. We strongly support FSA private school and wish the best.” – Kamalesh Ruppa Ph.D., and Aparna Kasani Ph.D.

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