School Counseling

Counseling Mission Statement

The Mission of the Fulton Science Academy Private School Counseling Department is to provide a comprehensive and developmental counseling program for all students. This program is designed to empower all students in mind, body, and spirit by promoting and supporting personal, social, emotional, and academic growth, and development.

Meet Your FSA Counselors


Mrs. Anna Cantrell

Professional School Counselor | PreK-6th

(678) 366-2555 ext:104





Ms. Hibbah Agha

Professional School Counselor | 7th – 12th grade

(678) 366-2555 ext:158


The Role of the School Counselor

Professional school counselors are certified/licensed educators with a minimum of a master’s degree in school counseling, making them uniquely qualified to address all students’ academic, career and personal/social development needs by designing, implementing, evaluating and enhancing a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes and enhances student success. School counselors help students focus on academic, career and social/emotional development so they achieve success in school and are prepared to lead fulfilling lives as responsible members of society.

Fulton Science Academy provides a comprehensive and developmental counseling program for students in all grade levels. This program is designed to meet student needs by promoting and supporting personal, social, emotional, and academic growth.

We offer an academically rigorous curriculum with supplemental pieces to promote student growth and achievement. Our community is very involved and works hard to collaborate in order to find the best opportunities for our students in regards to their individual needs. We are able to tie all these pieces together and team up to offer additional enrichment opportunities for our students.

Some aspects of the counseling program include classroom guidance, small group counseling, individual counseling, and consultation with school staff and parents

  • Classroom Guidance: Classroom guidance lessons are developmental in soft-skill building and other identified areas (ex: study tips, managing stress, conflict resolution, etc.). Middle school students will participate in regular Character Education with a different theme for every month.
  • Small Group Counseling: Small group counseling provides a small group learning environment with target students who may share a common concern (ex: self esteem, social skill, grief/loss, etc.).
  • Individual Counseling: Individual counseling consists of working with individual students to help meet specific needs. Staff and families may refer students to the counselor for individual counseling. Students may also refer themselves. Every upperclassmen student must meet with the counselor regarding their individual graduation planning. A meeting can also be requested in regards to academics, career, and social/emotional concerns.

Reach out to the counselor to set up an appointment for an individual session!

  • Consultation: The school counselor consults and collaborates with parents, teachers, administration, and other significant school personnel to provide support and promote student success.


Character Education

Character Education will be held for middle school students once a week during STEAM time. When we focus on character we can better support each other by creating a caring school community. Students will be able to identify different character traits and how they are exemplified in our school and in the real world. They will also learn conflict resolution skills, practice peer mediation, develop a sense of self and ways to practice self-respect and respect for others. When students take initiative to practice these behaviors, they are not only becoming their best selves, but contributing to society in a positive and lasting way.

Resources for Families:

National PTA: Parents’ Guide to Student Success

School Psychological Resources

Georgia Dept. of Education Information for Parents

Mustang Support Organization (MSO)

Crisis Hotline