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Science Olympiad Team Attended National Science Olympiad Three Years in a Row!

Science Olympiad Team Attended National Science Olympiad Three Years in a Row!

The Fulton Science Academy Science Olympiad Teamcompeted in the Science Olympiad National Tournamentheld May 18-19 at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.

The team placed 21st out of 60 middle school teams representing all 50 states.

“This was our peak performance of the year,” said head coach Pam Walsh. “At previous tournaments, we struggled with some of our building events. Sometimes they worked perfectly and other times we had unexpected results. We spent the last six weeks trying to improve our consistency. Our Hovercraft team built a new device and our Wright Stuff team made major modifications to their plane to achieve longer flight times. In Mission Possible, team members added new energy transfers to attain a higher potential score. Our Tower students improved both their design and construction techniques.”

Students continued to work on their academic events as well. “By design, each tournament level gets harder and the National tests have the highest level of difficulty,” said head coach Gloria Stathos. “While we have a coach for each of the 23 Science Olympiad events, students who are selected for our National team are expected to study independently, using their coaches as a resource instead of the sole source for instruction. Team members put in hours of extra work on Science Olympiad in addition to prepping for standardized testing, completing their STEAM enrichment projects.”

National team members included Neel B., Lizzie S., Navina D., Logan K., Njeri L., Ezra N., Isabelle S., Sid T., Arham A., Chance C., Shourya J., Vihan K., Karen P., Arul S., Bella S., Holden W., Jay E., Nicholas F., and Sophie R.

Noteworthy performances included:


Write It, Do Itcoached by Mrs. Stathos

1st Place — Vihan K. and Sophie R.


Fast Factscoached by Mrs. Sanders

5th Place — Jay E.and Arul S.


Roller Coastercoached by Mr. Kersey

5th Place — Neel B. and Lizzie S.


Invasive Speciescoached by Mrs. Butler

8th Place — Bella S. and Shourya J.


Rotor Egg Dropcoached by Mr. Parlak

13th Place — Nicholas F. and Ezra N.


Meteorologycoached by Mrs. Walsh

16th Place — Isabelle S. and Sid T.

Dynamic Planetcoached by Mrs. Walsh

17th Place — Sophie R. and Sid T.

Reach for the Starscoached by Mrs. Walsh

17th Place — Holden W. and Chance C.


Opticscoached by Mr. Sanders

19th Place — Holden W. and Chance C.


Food Sciencecoached by Mrs. Crigler

20th Place — Chance C. and Navina D.