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Mr. Stiffler’s Class Enjoy College Mentorship Program

Mr. Stiffler’s Class Enjoy College Mentorship Program

In Mr. Stiffler’s CMP, his 8th grade students are working to build leadership skills, exploring future colleges and potential majors, as well as practicing for upcoming Model UN competitions. It is important that our small group try and foster a sense of teamwork so that each member can reach their full potential.

There are two main areas of focus that are currently being explored in this CMP class: leadership and college preparation. As eight graders, these students are looked up to and emulated by the rest of the student body so it is important to behave properly and lead by example. Understanding this and consciously doing so remain a work in progress, but there have been a few exercises designed to help facilitate this.

Recent discussions have focused on plans for college. Though it is still a long way off, and plans are certain to change, the students each have some understanding of what career they would like to pursue as well as universities they hope to attend. This includes researching college entry requirements, the best state and national schools for different majors, and what they can do, even at this early stage, to begin preparing to reach their goals. Our students are smart and creative problem solvers, however they understand there are many students that desire the same spots, so students need to distinguish themselves.

The class is currently reading “My Brother Sam Is Dead” by Christopher Collier and James Lincoln Collier. This book fits in to the current 8th grade Georgia Studies curriculum as it is about a young person’s coming of age during the beginning of the Revolutionary War. In addition, the class recently completed research and did a report over the Atlanta Race Riots, a major plot point in the play which the school attended at the Alliance Theater, “Tell Me My Dream.”

As eight of the nine students in this CMP class are also in Model UN, some time is spent discussing current issues and how the story can be viewed differently in other countries. This is a great way to understand empathy, which is one of the goals of character education.